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XS™ Intense Pre-Workout Boost – Citrus Burst

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One tub, 30 scoops

Item #: 110372

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XS™ Intense Pre-Workout Boost jump-starts your workout with increased energy and sharper focus. Created with CarnoSyn® beta-alanine, an energy blend, and rhodiola rosea, XS™ Intense Pre-Workout Boost hydrates while harnessing your power for maximum performance.

XS™ Intense Pre-Workout Boost is just that, intense. This is not like an XS® energy drink. If you are not familiar with pre-workout products, please consider the following and as always, consult your physician with any questions or concerns. All ingredients in the XS™ Intense Pre-Workout Boost are safe for consumption at the levels present in our formula when used as directed. In some individuals, consumption of niacin (nicotinic acid) may cause flushing which can include redness and a tingling sensation. In addition, consumption of CarnoSyn® beta-alanine may also cause a prickling sensation of the skin. In both cases the effect is usually temporary. If you have any concerns with these reactions please contact your physician and take a copy of the label with you for a full assessment on your use of the product. Label copies are available on the Resources tab of the Product Page.

Retail Price: $46.00
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