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763743 - XS™ Energy Gum – Mint Explosion - 6 Packs

XS™ Energy Gum – Mint Explosion - 6 Packs

Six 12-piece packs

Item #: 763743

Chew some. Share some. Unlock opportunity in every pack.

  • Refreshing Mint Explosion gum provides you an instant blast of better-tasting, longer-lasting flavor while you’re at work, the gym, or whenever you’re on the go.
  • Convenient, at-your-fingertips gum is great to share with others and help start conversations.

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Retail Price: $24.00

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  • Summary

XS Energy Gum delivers a powerful blast of energy and the convenience of breath-freshening gum.
  • Filled with essential B vitamins.
  • Uses xylitol as the sweetener so it does not promote tooth decay.
  • One serving (two pieces) provides your recommended daily value (RDV) of four B vitamins.
Product Advantage
XS® Energy Gum delivers a refreshing blast of flavor and the convenience of breath-freshening gum.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does XS Energy Gum have any sugar?
More Information
Use Instructions: Serving size: 2 pieces