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Scott Scheidmantel

Scott Scheidmantel Scott Scheidmantel


Scott Scheidmantel’s Amway career spans more than two decades and includes various roles engaging with Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) around the world and leading the strategic planning of Amway’s compensation and recognition plans. Prior to joining Amway North America as Vice President of Sales, Scott served as the primary architect for the redesign of incentive and recognition programs, including programs very familiar to IBOs such as the Founders Achievers Awards (FAA) and Global Award Recognition (GAR) programs as well as Core Plus, the largest injection of new discretionary incentives into Amway’s compensation plan ever.

“Simply stated, my career at Amway has revolved around learning how IBOs earn income and then creating programs and plan improvements that will help them earn even more,” said Scott. “That’s involved working with IBO leaders here in North America as well as in Amway markets around the world.”

Scott has led the Global Sales Incentive Design Team over the past seven years, working with representatives across the globe. He also has led Amway’s Performance Drivers group that explored ways to improve IBO performance using Amway’s IBO Compensation Plan.

“I first learned the Amway business from the inside out by looking at all the data, but I learned more about the true power and character of the business when I first began meeting with IBO leaders at IBOAI. I’m excited to return to the North American market and working with some old friends.”

Scott also is energized because of Amway North America’s rich history. “This is where Rich and Jay first started Amway and our business owners around the world look to this market to see what’s next. Many of the components introduced globally through Core Plus were based on programs we first piloted here in North America,” said Scott.

As a leader, Scott has consistently focused on the development of teams, helping them to learn and grow in their support of Amway IBOs. “I know my teams will only get better by engaging in meaningful interactions and dialog with our IBOs,” said Scott.

Scott lives in Rockford, Mich., with Kristen, his wife of over 30 years. They have four children and nine grandchildren.