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Sachi Rajguroo

Sachi Rajguroo

Fred and Bernice Hansen Memorial Scholarship Recipient

University of California, Riverside

Though Sachi Rajguroo is young, she has always tried to “make her mark on the world” by being a leader and helping others. That’s why she couldn’t wait to volunteer with her high school’s Youth Action Team (YAT).

“I got to give back in so many ways,” she explained. “Team members and I contributed to the homeless community by making kits with food and hygiene items. We also organized a night of movies and games for children with physical and mental disabilities. Plus much more.”

Sachi’s most memorable project was taking part in her town’s annual Relay for Life fundraiser, held on behalf of the American Cancer Society. Sachi and the YAT spent months preparing. They met several times a week to choose their school’s campaign theme, set their goals and plan how to make the biggest impact.

Even when the YAT lost some members due to the amount of work and time required, Sachi didn’t stop. “I tried to put more effort in,” she said. “I started advertising about the campaign on social media and encouraged my friends to join.”

The morning of the relay, Sachi arrived with other volunteers who were ready to spend hours walking and raising money. Before they started, everyone gathered to hear cancer patients and cancer survivors share their stories. “They gave me a new perspective and made me understand what it means to never give up and always be hopeful,” Sachi said.

Sachi spent the relay walking with a sign that shared information about cancer and encouraged attendees to donate. She also sold homemade pins at the YAT booth so people could show their support.

With Sachi’s help, the YAT raised $2,000 for the American Cancer Society – on top of what other teams raised at the relay. But Sachi said it was about more than money. “I left knowing that I personally made a change,” she said. “It went beyond myself, my school and my team. That feeling of making a difference inspires me.”

After she graduates from college, Sachi wants to spread hope to other people by becoming an IBO like her parents. In the meantime, she is majoring in business and plans to work in information systems or marketing. She is also a board member of her school’s Management Information Systems Society, where she helps a community of students develop their professional skills.

“I use what I learned from books and from being around my parents’ business,” she said. “How to be confident, start a conversation and build relationships. Ways to help people feel good about themselves and meet their needs.”   

Sachi appreciates the IBO Founding Families for believing in her hopes, too. “Volunteering toward the greater good of society has been very rewarding,” she said. “I plan to keep growing my leadership skills, aligned with the Founders’ Fundamentals.”

Founding Family | Fred & Bernice Hansen

We love Sachi’s willingness to step up and help others! We’re proud to support her goals to graduate from college, become a leader and continue to make a difference in the world.

– Family of Fred and Bernice Hansen