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Atmosphere Mini™ Replacement Filter

Atmosphere Mini™ Replacement Filter

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THREE FILTERS IN ONE – Only for the Atmosphere Mini™ Air Treatment System. Hassle-free for easing changing.

Why is the order of the three filters in 3-in-1 filter in Mini (Pre-carbon-HEPA) different from Sky (Pre-HEPA-carbon)?

For the Atmosphere Mini™ 3-in-1 filter, we switched the order of the carbon and HEPA filters compared to the Atmosphere Sky™ system filters. Cleaning performance and filter life does not change with the switch – filters in either order are still providing the excellent room cleaning performance and long filter life that you expect from our Atmosphere™ products. For Mini we found that switching the order of the HEPA and odor filters improved airflow and sound, which was critical to keep the Mini unit as small and quiet as possible.

Are there any carbon material differences between Sky and Mini filters? 

There are differences in the carbon between Sky and Mini. The Sky odor filter uses a loose granule form of carbon, and the Mini uses carbon pellets that are held in a net to keep them in the air path. The difference in the carbon filters is to allow chemical removal performance to remain high with the reduced airflow of the Mini compared to the high flow of the Atmosphere Sky.

Is the Mini filter life of 6 to 10 months due to the filter sequence of carbon before HEPA?

The order of the filters does not affect the filter life. The 3-in-1 filter life is determined by the HEPA filter and the media size. The media had to be reduced to fit into the Mini unit’s smaller size and to allow the airflow required. The short 6-month life is for units that operate 24 hours a day on speed 3. Most users will get closer to 10 months of filter life. The maximum filter life with Mini is 10 months.

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