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Atmosphere Mini™ Air Treatment System

Atmosphere Mini™ Air Treatment System

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SMALL, BUT MIGHTY! Enjoy powerful air treatment in a convenient size that’s perfect for smaller spaces.

  • Energy Star
  • British Allergy Foundation
  • AHAM Verifide

What motor does Mini use, is it different from Sky?

Mini’s motor is a brushless 24 volt DC (direct current) motor, meaning that it requires a power adapter between the wall and the motor.

Sky’s motor is an EC (Electronically Commutated) motor. It is very similar to a high voltage DC motor with additional electronics to handle direct connection to the worldwide AC power from 100 to 240 volts AC. 

Mini’s motor is installed as a standalone motor. It mounts to the rear shell of the unit and uses plastics from the back side of the filter housing to create a scroll housing to direct the airflow.

Why is the order of three filters in 3in1 filter in Mini (Pre-carbon-HEPA) different from SKY (Pre-HEPA-carbon)?

For the Atmosphere Mini 3in1 filter we switched the order of the carbon and HEPA filters compared to the Sky system filters. Cleaning performance and filter life do not change with the switch – filters in either order are still providing the excellent room cleaning performance and long filter life that you expect from our Atmosphere products. For Mini we found with switching the order of the HEPA and odor filters that we got improved air flow and sound which was critical to keep the Mini unit as small and quiet as possible.

Only Atmosphere™ Air Treatment Systems offer Inteliflow technology, which captures 99.99% of airborne particles as small as .0024 microns – this is better than just HEPA. Atmosphere is the best performing HEPA air purifier among top competitors for removing allergens and other contaminants*, and it’s the only air purifier among top competitors to reduce odors like cooking, pet, formaldehyde, mildew, and chemicals like ozone.**

*Based on internet claims as of February 2021 and based on 99.99% removal of airborne allergens and contaminants down to 0.0024 microns.

**Based on internet claims as of February 2021.

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