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Artistry Studio™ Zen Daze Ahead Facial Oil + 300 mg CBD & Gua Sha Stone Gift Bundle

Artistry Studio™ Zen Daze Ahead Facial Oil + 300 mg CBD & Gua Sha Stone Gift Bundle

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GO ZEN & ROCK YOUR GIFT LIST. Buy Zen Daze Ahead and get a Gua Sha Stone for just $10 (A $30 value). Available while supplies last.

  • For All Skin Types
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Allergy Tested
  • Amway Promise™

Artistry Studio™ Zen Daze Ahead Facial Oil + 300 mg CBD


  • Vegan Society

Product Use 

How do Artistry Studio™ Skin Care products help my tired, stressed-out skin without making me more tired and stressed out?

Artistry Studio™ Skin Care products are multi-functional and multi-beneficial to help you get the best out of your skin without taking any more energy out of you! They are formulated with Zen + Energy ingredients to help keep your skin and you in ultimate, harmonious balance. And, paired with the use of a Gua Sha Stone, the results are even better.

Can I use the products when I’m pregnant/nursing?

Safety studies of cosmetics are not conducted on pregnant women. Whether or not to use these products should be discussed with your physician. PLEASE NOTE: Zen Daze Ahead Facial Oil + 300 mg CBD should not be used by pregnant/nursing mothers.

What are the ingredients in the products making me look so good?

Each formula contains destressing and calming Zen + uplifting Energy ingredients that help keep your skin in control. We also threw in other fabulous botanicals and multi-functional workhorse ingredients to get you that “glow get it” look.

Now that I have these beautiful products, how should I store them?

To have the most fresh and best product experience, these products should be stored in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to high heat, direct sunlight and humidity to avoid accelerated product aging. Zen Daze Ahead should be stored upright.

Are Artistry Studio™ Skin Care products formulated without adding parabens, sulfates and fragrances?

We want to make these products as clean and beautiful as you will look and feel after using them - so yes, they are formulated without parabens and use sulfate-free surfactants. Many, but not all, contain fragrance at low and safe levels to give you the ultimate feel-good experience while using these products.

Are the products oil-free?

We strive to be oil-free and for the most part, our products are. Our Clean Start wipes, Eye Look Rested mini masks and Pink Every Day I’m Bubblin’ sheet masks are formulated without mineral oil. However, sometimes we use natural, essential and/or nutritional oils to enhance the product benefits and experience. Both Hydro-Prime Light Hydrator + Primer and Zen Daze Ahead Facial Oil are non-comedogenic, meaning they don’t clog pores.

Are Artistry Studio™ Skin Care products vegan?

Zen Daze Ahead Facial Oil + 300 mg CBD, Every Day I’m Bubbln’ Pink/Blue Cleanser + Skin Invigorator, Glow Boss, Rosé All Day Anti-Acne Toner + Pore Refresher and Clean Start Micellar Makeup remover wipes are registered with The Vegan Society. Moving forward, we aim to be 100% Vegan on future launches. Rest assured, vegan or not, all our products have been thoroughly reviewed to ensure they are safe and effective.

Were the products tested on animals?

No. We only test on humans.

Ingredients and Technology

What clinical, laboratory, or consumer testing support is available for these products?

Artistry Studio™ Skin Care products were clinically tested and are safe when used as directed. We also tested with target consumers to ensure a positive product experience.

Safety and Cautions

Are Artistry Studio™ Skin Care products dermatologist tested?

Yes, all products have been dermatologist tested and shown to be safe when used as directed. Suitable for all skin types (oily, dry and combination).

I have sensitive skin; can I still use these products?

Zen Daze Ahead Facial Oil + 300 mg CBD was not tested on sensitive skin. Clean Start Micellar Makeup Remover + Cleanser, Glow Boss Exfoliator + Cleanser, Hydro-Prime Light Hydrator + Primer and The Pampered Pout Lip Balm + Overnight Mask were tested on sensitive skin. We recommend you use products based on your own perceived skin sensitivity. If you experience irritation, discontinue use.

If I experience any weird skin sensation after using the products, what
should I do?

During our extensive testing, there was no evidence of an allergic response or extreme irritation. However, no skin care product is guaranteed to be 100% irritation-free for everyone, especially when used in combination with other products. If you experience irritating skin sensation or discomfort, try reducing the frequency and amount of product used. Wait until your skin develops tolerance before going to normal use. Start with using one product at a time and gradually add more products to your regimen. If you still experience discomfort with reduced usage, discontinue use.

What other Artistry™ products should I add to my beauty routine to really
stand out?

We recommend checking out the Artistry Studio™ Skin Care collections as these skin care products were designed to pave the way for makeup application.

Start with a cleansed and toned face. Shake Zen Daze Ahead well and apply on face, avoiding the eye area. Hold the Gua Sha Stone almost flat against skin, gliding smoothly across skin in an upward and outward motion. Use only light pressure, making sure not to drag or pull skin. You can also hold the stone in one position and give it a light circular massage. Use the stone along the neck and on the jawline, chin, cheeks, nose, brow area, forehead, temples and along the hairline.

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