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Amway Home™ Fabric Softener – Floral Scent

Amway Home™ Fabric Softener – Floral Scent

Item # 117780 - 4 L/135 fl. oz./up to 200 loads
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Select Size: 4 L (135 fl. oz.)
MORE SOFT, LESS STATIC – Naturally softens laundry so it’s clean and comfortable. Fresh, floral scent.
NameCAS #Common Name/Function
Dihydrogenated Tallowamidoethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate (Ester Quat)157905-74-3Fabric Softener
Isopropyl Alcohol67-63-0Solvent
FragranceProprietary – See IFRAorg.orgFragrance
Calcium Chloride10043-52-4Viscosity Modifier
Potassium Chloride7447-40-7Viscosity Modifier

  • Safer Choice
  • High Efficiency

How do fabric softeners soften clothes?

Fabric softeners contain conditioners that deposit on the fibers of your clothes. These conditioners smooth and lubricate the fabric. The fibers do not tangle as much or become matted down, so they feel softer.

Will my Amway Home™ Fabric Softener still be effective past the expiration date?

Amway Home™ Fabric Softener is designed to have a two-year shelf life. After the two-year shelf life, the fabric softener may begin to thicken. Amway’s recommendation is to properly dispose of the product after the expiration date. However, if you choose to use the product, we advise adding water and shaking the bottle, which will reduce the product’s viscosity and make it easier to dispense. Amway Home™ Fabric Softener can be returned for a full refund if returned on or before the expiration date.

Is there a way I can prevent the product from thickening before the expiration date?

Store Amway Home™ Fabric Softener at appropriate temperature conditions. Storage temperatures maintained at 75°F or lower will guarantee that the product will easily last two years.

Is this product safe for septic systems?

Yes. All Amway Home™ products are septic safe. They won't cause sludge to form or disrupt the natural bacteria that keep your septic system working.

There’s a smell coming from the inside of my HE washing machine. Is it from Amway Home™ products?

No. Dirty water can sit in the bottom of an HE washer between cycles. So, even if you’re using Amway Home™ products, we suggest you clean your washer once a month using Amway Home™ All Fabric Bleach.

Add 1/3 cap (20 ml) to your fabric softener dispenser or during final rinse.

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