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To contact us, call 800-253-6500 or send an email to Customer.Service@amway.com.


How do you go about changing the cartridge? Not sure which type of installation you have? These questions and more are answered and short informative videos are provided in this section.


There are also alerts for when it’s time to order a new cartridge and when you need to replace the current one. The eSpring® advanced electronic monitoring system features different audible tones and visual signals to alert you when it’s time to order a new cartridge and when you need to replace the cartridge.


Why register your eSpring® Water Purifier? There are many reasons, beginning with making it easy to order replacement cartridges and any other service needs you may have. Read this section for more information about registering your unit.


What do you do or who do you call if you need to order a replacement cartridge for your eSpring® System, or if you think your unit may have a problem? This handy link below will give you the information you need.


Have a question? Try going here first. This section provides a useful list of the most frequently asked questions about the eSpring® Water Treatment System along with the clear, concise, and authoritative answers to each.


Amway did not invest years of research and development into the eSpring® Water Treatment Systems without also providing you with the peace of mind of a detailed written warranty. This section explains our warranty in detail.