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Two men hold an Amway Cares sign at a volunteer event.

Amway's commitment to community: A journey of social responsibility

Amway: Helping people live better lives through opportunity, charity and corporate social responsibility.

Two men hold an Amway Cares sign at a volunteer event.

Amway's commitment to community: A journey of social responsibility

Amway: Helping people live better lives through opportunity, charity and corporate social responsibility.

Two men hold an Amway Cares sign at a volunteer event.

Amway's commitment to community: A journey of social responsibility

Amway: Helping people live better lives through opportunity, charity and corporate social responsibility.

Amway's philanthropic vision

Amway is an entrepreneur-led health and wellbeing company with a mission to help people live better, healthier lives. But that mission goes beyond business.

Amway believes that the company, its 14,000+ global employees and more than 1 million Independent Business Owners can be the change for a better world through its quality products, charitable contributions, volunteerism and CSR programming to benefit communities across the world.

Amway’s corporate social responsibility platform is a key part of the company’s value system. Amway’s charity efforts have three main pillars:

  • Health, nutrition and wellbeing: Amway supports access to critical nutrition, health and wellness education to help children and families thrive and live healthy, properly nourished lives.
  • Empowerment: Amway works to empower individuals to be agents of positive development for themselves, their families and their communities.
  • Engagement: Amway supports a culture of community engagement and volunteerism that helps employees and Amway Independent Business Owners connect, contribute and commit.

Key philanthropic initiatives for Amway North America

Those pillars play out in a variety of ways across the world where Amway operates. Here are some Amway charity initiatives for Amway North America.

Combatting childhood malnutrition

Amway recently wrapped up the global Nutrilite™ Power of 5 campaign focused on raising awareness of childhood malnutrition in the first five years of life. Researchers at Amway developed Nutrilite Little Bits™, a 1-gram micronutrient supplement that provides a natural mix of 15 essential vitamins and minerals critical for the development of children under 5.

When it launched, Little Bits was the first and only micronutrient supplement for childhood malnutrition enhanced with plant nutrients. And the vitamin C was sourced from acerola cherries, grown and harvested from certified organic Nutrilite farms and partner farms.

By partnering with Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) in North America and other markets as well as humanitarian organizations around the world, Little Bits were delivered to impoverished communities in 15 countries at no cost to the participants.

IBOs rallied behind this effort with promotional and funding support. These efforts combined with Amway’s corporate investment generated over $15 million for the Power of 5 campaign which served more than 1.3 million children around the world from 2011-2023.

Supporting education and youth

Mentorship is a key part of the Amway business, so supporting the U.S. Dream Academy is a natural fit for the company, its employees and IBOs. The U.S. Dream Academy connects the children of incarcerated parents with nurturing mentors and afterschool programs to help build character, skills and dreams.

Since 2006, Amway, employees and IBOs have contributed a total of $7.2 million USD and countless hours to the organization’s programs, leading the next generation of global-minded, character-driven youth toward overcoming systemic inequities and actualizing their full potential.

Jacques, an Amway employee at the company’s world headquarters in Ada, Mich., works with a few other employees to mentor a group of U.S. Dream Academy kids in Salt Lake City.

“I have this mentee who never speaks and always keeps to himself. He very rarely smiled during our sessions,” Jacques said. “He is now participating more, smiling and sharing his own thoughts, which is huge from where we were three years ago. Every week is progress, and that is why I sign up to do this every year.”

The work of Amway employees and IBOs has touched the lives of 11,000 school-aged children since the U.S. Dream Academy was founded in 1998, including more than 1,000 in 2023 alone.

Health care for those with special needs

Helping people live better, healthier lives includes the one in four Americans living with disabilities. Since 1983, Amway, its employees and IBOs have contributed more than $3.8 million USD to Easterseals®†, which serves 1.5 million children and adults with disabilities.

Support includes special events, product donations and volunteer hours dedicated to helping individuals to learn, play and work in their communities. Amway employees and IBOs also serve on local, state and regional Easterseals boards of directors.

Easterseals chapters across the country target disparities throughout diverse populations, including access to quality education and health care, stable employment and community engagement. Services and programs include early childhood programs, autism services, medical rehabilitation, employment programs, veterans’ services and more.

Being there in times of need

In addition to ongoing support for established charities and organizations, Amway is ready to step up when the need arises, especially when people and their families are affected by natural disasters.

For example, in August 2023, Hawaii experienced one of the deadliest wildfire incidents the United States has seen in more than a century and the worst natural disaster in the state’s history.

Amway quickly announced plans to contribute $50,000 USD for recovery efforts, and Amway employees in North America collaborated to fill and pack care packages, which were distributed directly to those in the affected area. But that was only the beginning.

The more IBOs, Amway customers and employees saw the devastation to homes and businesses, the more they gave. As of December 2023, more than $155,000 USD has been donated by Amway, employees, IBOs and customers to the relief efforts led by the American Red Cross.

Community involvement by Amway IBOs and employees

Amway IBOs and employees support smaller, local organizations in their own communities, too, including personal foundations, scholarships, nature cleanups, food preparation and packaging, workplace organization, general maintenance or playground building.

At a special Amway Cares event in 2023, more than 740 Amway employees in the U.S. showed up to serve various nonprofit organizations, putting in over 6,120 volunteer hours. Globally, Amway IBOs and employees collectively logged over 212,000 hours of volunteer time in 2023—equaling nearly 9,000 days of helping other people.

Want to learn more about how Amway and its people give back and help others? Check out the Amway Global Impact Report. And to learn more about Amway in general, read more stories at Amway Insider.

†Easterseals® is a registered trademark of Easter Seals, Inc.