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Nutrilite™ Carb Blocker (Order Limit – 5 Per Day)

100193 - Nutrilite™ Carb Blocker  (Order Limit – 5 Per Day)
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90 tablets

Item #: 100193

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Carb blocker helps inhibit the digestion of carbs
This powerful blend is designed to inhibit the digestion of both simple sugars and complex carbohydrates.† Take this with a carb-heavy meal and don’t stress.

  • May help prevent up to 500 calories from being absorbed when taken with a high-carbohydrate meal.†
  • Blocks carbs without depriving your body of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Usage Rate: 90 Use(s) per Bottle
Recommended use: 3 Use(s) per day
Retail Cost per use: $0.43

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