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Amway Approved Provider – Yager Group

Yager Group is an Independent Amway Approved Training Provider

Before beginning their Amway business, Dexter Yager was a rep for a local brewery and his wife Birdie did data entry at the local Air Force base. Although they were from a small town, had small desires and earned an average income at best, with a little hope and some commitment, they were able to go full time in the business in a very short time. Today, their sons and partners, Jeff, Doyle and Steve, have taken their parents’ success to even higher levels. But they have not gotten there by themselves. To succeed in this business you must first help others achieve. Here are a few of those high achievers from all backgrounds and walks of life.

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Yager Group – Our Values

Our mentoring and training system has established a proven history of helping individuals build their own successful businesses. Yager Group members have access to a system designed for and proven successful in helping business owners realize their full personal and professional potential in an environment focused on freedom, family, hope and reward.

Yager Group – Our Community

The Yagers Group’s passion has always been to help people who want to help themselves in a business of their own. By helping people develop a good self-image and a strong self-confidence, the Yager Group has inspired tens of thousands to unleash their full potential. In addition to providing introduction, training and educational meetings for their members, they also hold a week long Yager Youth Leadership Conference for children of Business Owners. The Yager Group has a strong belief and commitment in helping others in need with a focus on supporting Easter Seals and other charities.