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View Order History

Use Order History to review your most recent orders. The most recent order is at the top of the list, showing the top five items in the invoice. Search options include search by invoice number, order date, type of order, item number, or order status.

Order Status Options include:

  • Active: The order has been placed, but not yet shipped.
  • Shipped: The order has shipped from our Service Centers.
  • Orders with Returns: A returned item was processed against this order.
  • Pending: The order is pending further action. Contact Customer Service.
  • Locked: The order is under review. Contact Customer Service.
  • Cancelled: The order has been cancelled.

Advanced View Options let you see back-ordered or advance-ordered items, which will be flagged on the invoice. Invoices that can be edited will have an icon allowing you to make changes from the Order Details page.

Invoice Details shows you the invoice order number, payment details, products ordered, and status of those products.

Shipping and Delivery Information shows how the order shipped and the tracking ID number, if available.

For further assistance, Contact Us.