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Storing Credit Card Information

Storing your credit card information for future transactions saves you time and makes online shopping more convenient. Specific credit card number(s) are never displayed on the site after you enter the information and add a card to your list.

To store a credit card, click on My Account, and click on Credit Cards. Follow the prompts to enter up to four credit card numbers. You can also update your credit card information here, by accessing an existing credit card and then clicking Edit or Delete.

When you store a credit card, you can create a recognizable nickname for each card being stored. Then, you can store information for multiple cards and select which card to use per visit.

For example, your AMWAY™ Visa® card could be called John's Visa, JW's Visa, Main Visa, or Primary Visa. Keep in mind a nickname is not a password – it's just a link that lets you easily choose the card you want to use.

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