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Shopping Partner Stores & Services

Partner Stores and Services brings the convenience of shopping national retailers all in one secure place. Each individual Partner Stores & Services site provides its own shopping cart, processes your order, ships it, and handles any returns.

Partner Stores are grouped by category:

  • Auto, Tools & Hardware
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Books, Media & Electronics
  • Food & Beverages
  • Gifts & Occasions
  • Home & Family Care
  • Jewelry & Apparel
  • Office & Communications
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Travel & Accommodations 

Click on any of these categories from Partner Stores & Services to learn more about the types of products sold and see a listing of stores in that category. You To shop, simply click on a store’s name to go directly to their shopping site.

Once you’ve identified a Partner Store or Service, you can learn more about that merchant and what it offers before connecting to its site by selecting the Learn More link.

Partner Stores & Services are independent merchants with their own commerce policies. Please note that a Partner Store or Service may elect not to accept orders from offshore locations and/or may not ship to such areas. Refer to each Partner Store's site for specific information.

Individual Partner Stores have their own return policies. All customer service requests, including disputes, exchanges, refunds, or returns should be directed to the individual Partner Store or Service.

Products purchased from a Partner Store have their own warranties, which you can access while browsing a Partner Store. Amway does not provide any guarantee or warranty on Partner Store products or services.

For further assistance, Contact Us.