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Scheduling Ditto Orders

How to set up a DITTO scheduled order

  • Select products
  • Choose products online, from a catalog, through a beauty or health assessment, or a Quick Product Checklist process.
  • Add selected products to a new DITTO scheduled order OR
  • Add products to an existing profile from the dropdown choices.
  • After adding products, you can review your choices, and select how many of each product you want.
  • Your order can be processed either immediately, or you can specify which products should be processed now, and which products should be processed later within the next 12 months. If you’re not sure when you would like certain products ordered, simply enter a zero quantity and decide on a processing date for those products later.

NOTE: The Use Rate Quantity Calculator can help determine the right quantities and processing dates for you. This exclusive handy calculator makes it easy to personalize your use of products and learn the cost-per-use as well. It’s available for many AMWAY™ products and is accessed by clicking the calculator icon next to those products on the Schedule Products page.

Once your products are all set up for delivery, choose your payment method to be used according to the delivery schedule you set up. You can select a credit card that you have previously stored for use in Shopping or in DITTO (if one is already set up). 

Accept the Payment Authorization Agreement for the credit card you selected or entered. Doing so states that you are owner of that credit card, and that you authorize Amway to charge your credit card for each order that is processed from your DITTO scheduled order.

Enter a personalized name for your scheduled order for easy reference in the future. You can then review the information you just set up.

Print the confirmation page for your records.

Changing or editing your DITTO order
You can make changes to or simply review your DITTO scheduled order(s) through Place & Track an Order under the View and Create DITTO Scheduled Orders link. Follow the prompts to make your desired changes.

Creating multiple DITTO scheduled orders
The ability to create multiple scheduled orders is just one way DITTO is truly a unique service.

Consider the convenience of creating these different types of DITTO orders:

  • For business purposes.
  • For college kids away from home.
  • For parents or others unable to do their own shopping.
  • An order specifically focusing on gift-giving needs all year.

Another handy way to go about creating a DITTO scheduled order is within the Shopping Cart or, from a Shopping List that you have already established.

  1. Select the items in the Cart or on the List that you’d like to copy to either a new DITTO scheduled order profile or to an existing profile you previously created.
  2. Click Copy.
  3. A new page will then ask you to select one of your existing DITTO scheduled orders, or Create a New DITTO scheduled order.
  4. If you select Create a New DITTO scheduled order, you’ll go through the setup asking for basic ordering information (much of this information will be automatically filled in, based on your existing profile).
  5. On the Schedule Products page, you can specify how many of these products you want, and how often. You will then go through the same steps of completion and confirmation.

For further assistance, please contact Customer Service.