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Placing an order

To add products directly into your shopping cart, click on the Shopping cart link in the global navigation. If you have multiple items to enter, click on the Add Multiple Items link. This lets you enter multiple item numbers at a time. You’ll need to have a product catalog or know the item numbers of the products you’re ordering when using this Multiline Form.

When you are ready to purchase, click Checkout. Enter your preferred shipping address and delivery method, and shipping charges for this order will appear.

  • If you have already entered your shipping address, it will appear here and you can simply click on this address to have your order shipped there.
  • You can also enter a new shipping address, or opt to pick up your order at one of our Service Centers.
  • More information about your shipping options can be found here.

After entering shipping information, click Continue, and you will be taken to our Secure Checkout to enter your payment method (credit or debit card, or PayPal™). More information about payment methods can be found here.

After entering your payment method, click Continue, and you can verify your entire order, including shipping and payment information in the Order Preview. Click Submit Order, and your order will be submitted. An email confirmation of your order will be sent to you. Be sure to print a copy of every order for your records.

Partner Stores orders

Each Partner Store has its own Shopping cart, because it is a separate business partnering with Amway. If you need help ordering from a Partner Store, just follow the instructions on that store’s site.

For further assistance, Contact Us.