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Creating a Prepaid Return Shipping Label

The most efficient, convenient way to return merchandise to Amway is to use a prepaid the shipping label. If you need a new prepaid shipping label, click on this link to obtain a new return prepaid shipping label.

  1. Complete the merchandise return form. If you need assistance locating your invoice number you may log into Amway.com > My Account > Order History.
  2. Make a copy of the return form and prepaid shipping label for your records.
  3. Place the return form inside the box.
  4. Adhere the prepaid shipping label to the package and return it via USPS or FedEx. Postage is not necessary, if mailed in the United States using the prepaid shipping label.
  5. You Track your return with an Amway return label at: www.fedex.com. Expect the return process to take approximately 8 to 11 business days.

Download the Merchandise Return Form

Do not use the Online Merchandise Return Form for merchandise purchased from a Partner Store. Partner Store returns must be sent back to the Merchant Partner to receive credit.

For further assistance, please contact us.​​​​​