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Sales Tax Exemption Certificates

If you are operating a nonprofit business, the business or organization may be eligible for exemption from paying sales tax on your purchase.

A sales tax exemption certificate for the specific business or organization must be filed with Amway. Without a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate on file, you cannot place a tax-exempt order.

Please submit your tax-exempt certificates to:
Amway Corp.
Customer Service, 58C-2A, BTSU
7575 Fulton Street East
Ada, MI 49355
Fax to: 1-616-787-7550

Sales tax exemption certificates may be submitted for other qualified reasons, as outlined by the taxing authorities in each state. Examples include: agricultural product exemptions, Native American exemptions, or local, state, and government exemptions, etc.

When placing a tax-exempt order, you will be asked for the certificate at checkout.

For further assistance regarding exemptions from sales tax, contact customer service at customer.service@amway.com or call 1-800-253-6500.