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292506 - XS™ Energy Gum U.S. Dream Academy Donation Bundle

XS™ Energy Gum U.S. Dream Academy Donation Bundle

Six 12-piece packs plus $1 donation

Item #: 292506

Your donation helps support at-risk youth

Bundle includes XS™ Energy Gum and a $1 donation to help support the U.S. Dream Academy. The Academy empowers at-risk youth from across the nation by providing academic, social and values enrichment through supportive mentoring programs.

Retail Price: $24.00

For more information, please contact:
Your Amway Independent Business Owner or Amway Customer Service at 1-800-253-6500.
Visit us at http://www.amway.com

  • Summary

The U.S. Dream Academy is helping our nation's children reach for their dreams. Through academic, social and values enrichment, the Academy empowers those children most at risk of incarceration to believe in themselves and to succeed. Across the nation, there are millions of young people living in high crime and high poverty communities, who fear they may not live to be an adult. For those young people with an incarcerated parent and family instability, the stigma and shame of parental incarceration converges with poverty, crime and failing public schools to create a dangerous mix of risk factors that significantly increase a child's chances of school failure and future incarceration. The U.S. Dream Academy is committed to stopping this vicious cycle. Through their innovative afterschool and mentoring program, currently operating in 7 cities nationwide, they are transforming children into dreamers who envision and realize their potential.

XS™ Energy Gum delivers a powerful blast of energy-supporting B vitamins and the convenience of breath-freshening gum.
  • Filled with essential B vitamins.
  • Uses xylitol as the sweetener so it does not promote tooth decay.
  • One serving (two pieces) provides your recommended daily value (RDV) of four B vitamins.
Product Advantage
XS™ Energy Gum delivers a refreshing blast of flavor and essential B-vitamins. XS™ Energy Gum is also sugar-free and sweetened with Xylitol, so it does not promote tooth decay.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does Amway charge a fee to process my donation?
No. There is no fee. Through volunteerism and donations by Amway, our employees and Amway Independent Business Owners, we help people in need: at-risk youth, orphans, victims of natural disasters, and children and adults with disabilities. We are making it easier for IBOs to donate to a favorite cause by setting up separate ordering numbers for each of these charitable organizations.

Are these donations tax deductible?
U.S. Dream Academy is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please check with your tax advisor.

How do I get proof of my donation?
Your emailed order confirmation will serve as your tax-deductible receipt. So be sure to print and save it.

If I change my mind after I make a donation, can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, no.
More Information
Use Instructions: Serving size: 2 pieces