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Artistry Signature Select™ Purifying Mask

Artistry™ Deep Cleansing Mask

117656 - Artistry™ Deep Cleansing Mask
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3.3 oz. (100 mL)

Item #: 117656

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Quickly and deeply cleanse skin, control oil, and reduce the look of pores

Artistry™ Deep Cleansing Mask is a creamy clay mask, featuring Amazonian White Clay and Kaolin Clay, that works deep within skin’s surface to draw out impurities such as dirt and oil. The mask uncovers a luminous, healthy glow as it deep cleans for less visible pores and clearer, smoother skin. Skin feels clean, refreshed, and soft.

When mask is applied, you may feel a cooling and refreshing sensation on skin. See FAQs section for more detailed information.

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