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APSA-80® Soil Concentrate – California

763163 - APSA-80® Soil Concentrate – California
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30-gallon container

Item #: 763163

Available in California only.

For difficult-to-penetrate soils and a variety of farming applications. APSA-80® Concentrate:

  • is noncorrosive and biodegradable.
  • aids irrigation by increasing the rate at which water soaks into soil.
  • promotes more efficient water usage and reduces runoff.

Truck shipped with a $50 shipping surcharge added.

Lift Gate Service: Items shipped by truck may require you to receive the merchandise at the rear of the truck, at which point the carrier’s delivery obligation is complete. If a lift gate is required for the merchandise to be removed from the back of the truck, the extra cost for this service is your responsibility.

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