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Ditto View, Manage and Privacy Settings

As the owner of your DITTO scheduled order (person who receives the product and owns the credit card used for payment), only you can authorize others to manage your DITTO scheduled order.


You can direct these settings during the process of creating your personal profile: shipping and billing information and your DITTO scheduled order of products.

You have three privacy options for your DITTO orders:

  1. Keep your information private. A “private” setting will still allow the Servicing and Platinum IBOs to view line item information (product, quantity, and delivery interval). They will not, however, be able to view contact and billing information.
  2. Choose “View Only” to share your information with your Servicing IBO, including contact and billing information along with line item information.
  3. Choose “View and Manage” to both share product order information and enable your Servicing IBO to manage item content on your behalf. This option works well for many customers. For example, you might direct your Servicing IBO to “inactivate” a scheduled order for a month when you will not be home. You could also have your Servicing IBO add or delete something from your order when you are not able to access your profile directly, or when you are unable to get in touch with Customer Service.

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