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4249 - BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ Starter Bundle

BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ Starter Bundle

Puts you on the path to weight-loss results

Your weight-loss journey begins by taking the first step. Start your journey with the BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ Starter Bundle. Developed with Pennington Biomedical Research Center – a worldwide leader in weight-loss science – the 24-week BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program is based on the science of how we gain and lose weight. It has a personalized balanced eating plan focused on portion control – which is scientifically proven to have the biggest impact on achieving lasting weight loss.

The BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program provides continual personalized feedback and support based on your ongoing progress through the easy-to-use Digital Coach app that you can download to your smartphone.* There is no manual tracking or calorie counting required – the program counts for you.

Download the app: App Store or Google Play Store

*iOS and Android (minimum version: iOS 9 and above; Android 4.4 and above).

Retail Price: $126.00 $120.00

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  • Summary

The BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ Starter Bundle is filled with an assortment of products and measuring tools to help you achieve results.

Bundle includes BodyKey by Nutrilite™ Meal Replacement Shake Mix in your choice of flavors – French Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry along with:
  • Measuring Tools
  • Shaker Cup
  • Soothing Tulsi & Chamomile Tea (25 sachets)
  • Slim Popcorn (14 bags)

Download the app: App Store or Google Play Store
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program?
The BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ Program is a personalized, holistic weight-loss program that utilizes proven scientific methodologies delivered through a smartphone to help people lose weight and offers the opportunity to achieve long-term weight loss. The program was developed in collaboration with Pennington Biomedical Research Center, leaders in nutrition and weight-loss research. The program incorporates the exclusive SmartLoss™ Graph, one of the world’s most accurate models for predicting healthy weight loss as well as ongoing personalized feedback that addresses barriers that keep people from losing weight.

What is Pennington Biomedical Research Center?
Founded in 1988, Pennington Biomedical Research Center is a world leader in weight loss and breakthrough research in nutrition. Pennington Biomedical is at the forefront of medical discovery as it relates to understanding the triggers of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and dementia. As one of the largest academic-based nutritional research centers in the world, Pennington Biomedical houses the highest concentration of weight-loss research scientists and has over 25 years of clinical research in weight management.

How is the BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program designed to work?
The BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program incorporates multiple evidence-based behavioral strategies, including those recommended to drive effective, long-term weight loss. Our key scientifically based strategies include:
  • Setting a healthy weight-loss goal
  • Using behavior modification strategies
  • Frequent tracking
  • Monitoring adherence to behavior change
  • Support community

The BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program incorporates these recommendations in many ways including:
  • Helping the individual to set a personalized healthy weight-loss goal through their Digital Coach app
  • Promoting frequent tracking through daily weigh-ins, food logging and step counts
  • Monitoring the user’s adherence to behavior change through their SmartLoss™ Graph that shows how well they are adhering to his/her SmartLoss™ eating plan
  • Leveraging a behavior modification strategy with education and feedback delivered via their Digital Coach app
  • Through the BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program, building a community is easy. People can offer accountability, and they encourage and support one another on their individual weight-loss journeys.

What is the SmartLoss™ Graph?
The SmartLoss™ Graph is one of the world’s most accurate models for predicting healthy weight loss. The SmartLoss™ Graph is built utilizing a sophisticated equation that uses over 25 years of research in addition to the user’s age, sex, height, weight and weight-loss goal. Based on these key factors, the equation can account for the energy an individual will burn while:
  • Keeping their body functioning
  • Digesting their food
  • Participating in all of the physical activity and exercise an individual does
It is crucial that the SmartLoss™ Graph also accounts for how an individual’s personal “energy-use” changes during their weight-loss journey.

How does the BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ eating plan work?
The SmartLoss™ eating plan is calculated based on an individual’s height, weight, gender, age and goal weight. What is unique about this calculation is that the individual’s plan includes the right amount of food to get them to his/her goal weight and to keep them there. Other plans often calculate what an individual needs now and subtracts a set number of calories assuming that will be enough to get them to their goal weight.

How is this different from other weight-management programs?
The BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program incorporates the latest scientific methodologies to help people shift away from unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits that keep them from losing weight by teaching them the skills they need to build healthy behaviors that will help them not only lose weight, but have the opportunity for long-term weight-loss success. The BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program is customized to an individual’s needs and includes a Digital Coach app that celebrates when they do well, encourages when they don’t and offers multiple evidence-based strategies to support them during their weight-loss journey. The SmartLoss™ eating plan includes the BodyKey by Nutrilite™ Meal Replacement Shake Mix in three different flavors and delicious, pre-portioned snacks that allow the individual to take this program on the road.

Will the BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program work for vegetarians?
Yes, the SmartLoss™ eating plan was developed to be extremely flexible, focusing on portion control while incorporating a wide variety of food options in each of the food categories (i.e., carbs, proteins and fats) as well as our BodyKey by Nutrilite™ portion-controlled foods.

How often will I receive feedback during this program?
There are many opportunities for feedback in the BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program.
  • Daily Feedback
    • SmartLoss™ Graph – shows how well you are tracking to your weight-loss goal
    • Steps – show how well you are tracking to your personalized step goal
    • Smart Tips
      • Weeks 1¬¬¬–4 – you will get a Smart Tip about twice a week as we focus on fundamental strategies for weight loss.
      • Weeks 5–24 – you can look for a new Smart Tip each week.
      • SmartLoss™ Feedback – comes one to three times per week from your Digital Coach app. It depends on where you are in the program and how well you are advancing to your weight-loss goal.
      • Milestones – these are celebrations of your weight-loss achievements and will come as you reach them!

What is considered a “healthy” weight-loss goal? Why is it important?
Weight loss as small as 3–5% can have a positive impact on overall health and wellness. An initial 6-month goal of 5–10% of baseline weight is recommended. In the BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program you can set a personalized healthy weight-loss goal of up to 12.5% of your starting body weight over 6 months. Your weight loss goal is just that – your goal. It is not a guarantee that you will have success using the BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program.*
A healthy weight-loss goal is important because losing weight too quickly negatively impacts your metabolism. The result is you feel hungry and your weight loss will be harder to maintain. If you have more weight to lose you can repeat the program and set a new 6-month goal.

*The BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program utilizes eating plans and other weight-loss tools designed to enable users to make lifestyle changes that result in weight loss not only during the duration of the program (6-months), but also longer term. Your success using the program depends on adherence to your eating plan and your goal weight. As a result, success is not guaranteed. Also, and although the SmartLoss™ Graph uses your goal weight to predict a healthy weight-loss curve, you are limited in the amount of weight you can lose during the 6-month program. As a result, your results may differ from others. Before beginning any weight-loss program, you should consult your physician or health care provider.

What happens if I reached my goal weight before 24 weeks are up?
If you reach your goal weight before the 24 weeks are up we encourage you to stick with the program. The BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix diet. Keep referring to your SmartLoss™ Graph to stay on track and maintain the weight loss you worked so hard for.

Can I change my weight-loss goal after setting it? Why?
Once you lock in your weight-loss goal you will not be able to change it during the 6-month BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program. It is important to stay within a healthy weight-loss range, and the program keeps you committed to your goal weight.

Do I have to weigh myself every day? Why?
Daily weighing is a key strategy used in clinical trials of efficacious weight-management interventions. This benefit also seems to translate into free-living people as the National Weight Control Registry reports 79% of people who successfully kept the weight off weigh themselves at least once weekly and 39% weigh themselves daily.

If you miss a daily weigh it will show up as a blank space in your SmartLoss™ Graph. Once your weight is recorded again your SmartLoss™ Graph will start back up.
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110965 - BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ Starter Bundle – with French Vanilla Shake
  • 1 Kit

Retail Savings of $6.00
110967 - BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ Starter Bundle – with Strawberry Shake
  • 1 Kit

Retail Savings of $6.00
110966 - BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ Starter Bundle – with Chocolate Shake
  • 1 Kit

Retail Savings of $6.00