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3973 - Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quads

Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quads

Create captivating eyes
These perfectly coordinated eye shadows take the guesswork out of choosing shades that complement each other.

  • Shades designed exclusively for Artistry® cosmetics.
  • Contemporary, classic shades that are on trend.
  • Each palette consists of base, accent, mid-tone, and crease shades in multiple finishes like shimmer, satin, and metallic.
  • Crafted with microfine pigments to glide on easily, blend beautifully, and frame your eyes.
  • Fits perfectly into the Artistry Signature Color® Compact (11-8404) sold separately.

Retail Price: $40.00

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Your Amway Independent Business Owner or Amway Customer Service at 1-800-253-6500.
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  • Summary


Tell a beautiful color story with your eyes with Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quad. The silky-soft eye shadows glide beautifully and blend with ease. Each quad consists of a highlight, define, accent, and contour shade that you can mix and match. The shades range from natural brown hues to plum and fashion smoky shades in multiple finishes like shimmer, satin, and metallic.

Use with Artistry Signature Color® Compact 118404 (sold separately).

  • Long-lasting and velvety formula glides on beautifully, blends with ease.
  • Take the guesswork out of choosing the right shades that work together.
  • Shades can be mixed and blended to create unlimited looks.

Eye shadow descriptions:

Natural Glow – a collection of soft browns with a touch of rose gold and a deep espresso brown.
1. Soft, creamy beige (shimmer)
2. Sparkling cool brown (metallic)
3. Glowing cinnamon (shimmer)
4. Deep espresso brown (matte)

Spice Bronze – a collection of golden beige, copper, and bronze.
1. Pale, golden beige (shimmer)
2. Warm, antique bronze (metallic)
3. Shiny, amber copper (metallic)
4. Golden, deep bronze (shimmer)

Pink Chocolate – a collection of pink beige, soft pink, and dark chocolate.
1. Soft, tinted pinky beige (shimmer)
2. Luminous café au lait (metallic)
3. Soft, ballet pink (metallic)
4. Dark, chocolate brown with copper sheen (metallic)

Plumberry – a collection of dusty mauve, light pink, metallic violet, and deep plum.
1. Pale luminous pink pearl (shimmer)
2. Dusty mauve (shimmer)
3. Copper violet (metallic)
4. Rich, deep plum (matte)

Smoky – a collection of shimmering white, bluish gray, silver, and charcoal.
1. Golden reflective white (shimmer)
2. Dusty, luminous bluish gray (shimmer)
3. Sparkling silver (metallic)
4. Deep charcoal blue (shimmer)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fill/refill the new Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quad compact?
To fill the compact, align the Eye Shadow Quad refill with the base of the opened, empty compact, place the two tabs on the back of the refill in the base of the compact first and then press the front two corners of the refill until you hear both sides click.

To remove the refill, close the compact, turn it upside down so the bottom label is facing you, and push the two dots on the label (corners closest to the Artistry® logo on the compact) until you hear the release click. Open the compact and remove the refill.

Who designed the new Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quad compact?
The new exclusive compact was created for Artistry® cosmetics by renowned prestige designer Olivier Van Doorne.

Is the Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quad compact refillable?
Yes, the compact is refillable. Follow the answer to the previous question.

Do applicators come with the Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quad?
Yes, the applicator is included. It is a dual-ended sponge-tipped applicator – flat side to apply color over eyelid or using edge to contour, and tip for lining and defining.

How should I carry my new Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quad?
To keep your compact looking its best, ideally it is kept in the enclosed pouch. If carried without the pouch it should be protected from direct contact with keys or other metal items.


How does the Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quad formula provide perfect color?
The formula was developed to ensure that each shade contains the optimal level of pigment and pearlescent colorants for ideal color deposition. It allows for buildable coverage to achieve the preferred level of color.

Is the Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quad formula long-lasting?
Yes, the formula is long-lasting and stays put for hours. It provides stay-true color, resists fading, and does not crease. The high-performance, micronized pigments provide good adherence and help create a formula that is easy to blend.

How does the Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quad formula differ from the current one?
Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quad formulas provide you with a new technology for a smooth, creamy, lightweight formula, multi-dimensional finishes with a crease-resistant, long-lasting finish.

Are there any special ingredients in the new eye shadow formula?
Yes, the new formula includes special ingredients such as:
  • Spherical Powders – contains the perfect blend of silky and spherical powders for smooth application and for sheer to buildable color.
  • Micro-fine Pigments – unique combinations of high-performance pigments.
  • Pearls - light-reflecting pearls help provide soft, transparent finishes or light-catching, intense brilliance.
  • Lavender Flower Wax – helps the formula to coat the sensitive eyelid.

We had over 20 single eye shadow shades; will the new shade lineup retain some of these shades?
The new Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quad provides 20 all-new shades and a new formula. The comprehensive shade range includes coordinated shades that range from natural browns, pinks, and grays to a deep violet.

Can the Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quads be worn by all skin types?
Yes, the formula is suitable for all skin types (oily, dry, and combination).

Does the formula contain fragrance?
No, the formula is fragrance free.

What tests were conducted on Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quads?
Dermatologist tested
Allergy tested
Safe for the eye area
Safe for contact lens users


How will the eye shadow shades be grouped together in each quad?
Much thought went into the selection of shades for each palette. We partnered with Rick DiCecca, Global Makeup Artist, and looked at global buying patterns, needs for different skin tones and levels, and the most current makeup trends. You will find that within each palette you have all the shades to create multiple eye designs from a natural daytime look all the way to a dramatic evening look.

How many palettes are in the new Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quads?
There are five palettes that are makeup essentials, offering coordinated, unlimited eye looks. Highlight, define, accent, or contour with a range of natural to sophisticated fashion shades in a variety of finishes. You can easily create your own look from soft to bold, natural to dramatic looks.

Do the new Artistry Signature Color® Eye Shadow Quad shades work for all skin tones?
The new formula provides the perfect level of color that allows you to create different color intensities by mixing and blending shades for unlimited eye looks. The endless looks are both visually brilliant and luminous looking.

More Information
Use Instructions:
Use top shade to highlight. Apply lightly to your entire eyelid. Depending on the look you want to create, use one shade or a combination of two to three shades found on the second row of the quad to define, contour, and create accent on your eyelid.