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100663 - eSpring™ (Below Counter) Auxiliary Faucet Kit

eSpring™ (Below Counter) Auxiliary Faucet Kit

1 kit

Item #: 100663

Use this kit to convert an eSpring® UV Water Purifier Countertop Unit to a below counter unit.

Retail Price: $120.00

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  • Summary

Forward function meets modern form with our sleek, new eSpring® faucet design. Use the kit and its contents to convert a Countertop eSpring® UV Water Purifier to a below counter unit. Now, ergonomically improved with a durable yet easy-to-grasp handle for everyone in the family. The water works may be hidden below, but it’s all beautiful business above with the signature eSpring® logo on the base for state-of-the-art elegance at every turn. The kit includes the faucet and hoses/tubes.