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285369 - BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn

BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn

24 - 0.7-oz. pouches

Item #: 285369

A satisfying, salty snack

BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn with sea salt and green tea is irresistible and energizing. It’s a great alternative to chips and other higher-calorie, higher-fat snacks. Use it as part of the BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ program – a personalized weight-loss solution designed to work with you every step of the way.

Retail Price: $45.00

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  • Summary

BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn is a flavorful, convenient addition to your weight-loss program. A great alternative to higher-calorie snacks, it easily fits into your personal SmartLoss™ eating plan by providing 1 Carb portion and 1 Fat portion. Each package provides:
  • 110 calories
  • 2 g protein
  • Cholesterol free
  • Gluten free
  • A good source of fiber*


* See Nutrition Facts for fat content.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the caffeine content of the green tea in the popcorn?
BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn contains less than 10 mg of caffeine per serving.

Does BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn really make me feel energized after eating it?
People react differently to caffeine. Slim Popcorn contains less than 10 mg of caffeine per serving.

Can pregnant women or nursing mothers eat BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn?
BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn is a convenient, portion-controlled snack intended to support a weight-loss program. Pregnant women and nursing mothers have unique nutritional needs that aren’t always compatible with weight loss. If you are not sure about its ingredients (popcorn, green tea extract, sea salt and sunflower oil), consult with your doctor before consuming.

Is BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn recommended for children?
This snack is not recommended for children under age 5, due to possible choking concerns.

How should I store BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn?
Store BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn in a dry place at room temperature.

Are there key health benefits to BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn?
It is a convenient, portion-controlled snack that makes a great addition to your weight-loss program.

Will BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn interact with any medications or other supplements?
There are no known interaction risks. However, when in doubt, consult your doctor.

Can I eat BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn after it expires?
Yes, however the taste may be affected.

Is there a limit to how much BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn I can eat in a day?
No, although if you are on a weight-loss program, you will want to consider the calories in each serving as part of your daily calorie intake. There are 110 calories in each serving.

How many carbs are in BodyKey™ Slim Popcorn?
There are 10 grams of carbs in each bag of BBodyKey™ by Nutrilite™ Slim Popcorn.

Does the facility that manufactures the popcorn also process any products with tree nuts on the same equipment?
The line is dedicated solely to popcorn, and no nut oils are used on this line.