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What’s New


New! XS™ Sports Nutrition Is Here


Nutrilite® Phyto2GO™ Immunity Drink Twist Caps

Three categories of fuel for your active lifestyle: Hydrate — quench your thirst and improve hydration. Energize — an immediate boost and long-lasting energy. Recharge — recover faster and build lean muscle mass.


With a simple twist, Nutrilite® Phyto2GO™ twist caps release a refreshing burst of flavor, along with a boost of vitamin C, zinc, and phytonutrients.


New Nutrilite® Slimmetry® Dietary Supplement


New Caffeine-Free XS® Mango Pineapple Guava

Enhance weight loss† and stick to your goals with Nutrilite® Slimmetry® Dietary Supplement’s new, improved formula.

†When combined with diet and exercise.


The most popular XS® Sparkling Juiced Energy drink flavor is now available in a caffeine-free version! XS® Sparkling Juiced Energy Mango Pineapple Guava helps you get the most out of your day with energizing B vitamins, 25% real fruit juice, and 200% RDV of vitamin C.