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The Amway Coaches' Poll offers unique opportunities to hear from some of the most recognized coaches in college football.

Created in partnership with The American Football Coaches' Association (AFCA), the videos below feature top coaches reflecting on the shared philosophies and approaches in business and sports, such as leadership, perseverance, mentorship, team building and more.


#AmwayOvertime is an exclusive video series that focuses on inspired coaching and explores the intersection of business and sports.

Overcoming Adversity with Les Miles

Tracey Eaton, former pro football player and Amway Independent Business Owner, talks with former Louisiana State University Head Coach and national champion Les Miles in “Overcoming Adversity.” Miles' time in Baton Rouge was marked by adversity brought on by Hurricane Katrina. He credits a strong leadership structure and the importance of attitude, integrity and character with getting everyone through this challenging time. Watch Now

Team Building On and Off the Field with Rick Neuheisel

Amway North America Managing Director Jim Ayres talks with Rick Neuheisel, former player and coach and current CBS Sports analyst in “Team Building On and Off the Field.” Neuheisel’s approach to leadership is forged by three key questions: Who are we, where are we going, and how are we going to get there? The resulting clear sense of identity and direction – coupled with the active, daily choice to have a positive attitude – makes leaders and their teams relentlessly positive, convinced that anything can and will be accomplished. Watch Now

Developing Strong Coaching Relationships with Phillip Fulmer

Jackie Nickel, Chief Marketing Officer for Amway’s Americas Region, talks with former coach, hall of famer and NCAA Division 1 champion Phillip Fulmer in “Developing Strong Coaching Relationships.” For Fulmer, building successful relationships begins with trust. By spending time getting to know individuals, learning how to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses, a leader communicates the message that the team is more important than the individual. With this mindset in place, he says, you’re going to have success. Watch Now

Coaching U

Coaching U is a series of motivational videos that offer key strategies for inspired coaching.

Amway Coaching U: Bill Curry – Discipline

Legendary college football coach Bill Curry shares how self-discipline plays a role in one’s success both on the field and off. What will your choice be? Watch Now

Amway Coaching U: Bill Curry – Teamwork

Legendary college football coach Bill Curry shares how teamwork is a critical piece to one’s success. Are you in the huddle? Watch Now

Amway Coaching U: Bill Curry – Leadership

Legendary college football coach Bill Curry shares how acts of kindness define true leadership. Are you a leader? Watch Now

Amway Coaching U: Grant Teaff – Goals & Vision

Former college football coach Grant Teaff shares how having goals and a vision lead to success. What are your goals? What is your vision? Watch Now

Amway Coaching U: Grant Teaff – Partnership

Former college football coach Grant Teaff shares about the partnership between the American Football Coaches Association and Amway. Are you a great partner? Watch Now