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Returns Process

Download the Merchandise Return Form

Be sure to follow the directions on the Merchandise return form.
  • Print a prepaid return label, click here.​
  • Mail the labeled return package via the U.S. Postal Service (from your home, office, Postal Service box, or a local post office) or FedEx location.
Any other return shipping methods will not be reimbursed. Your portion of the return label has your tracking number and corresponding invoice number(s) for proof of shipment in event of loss of returned merchandise. We are not liable for return merchandise that does not reach our returns facility. Track your return with an Amway return label at: www.fedex.com​

CAUTION – Aerosols, Bleaches, Perfumes, Mouthwash, Hairspray and Toilet Bowl Cleaner products are subject to special return instructions. Do not return any of these products without first contacting Customer Service at 1-800-253-6500.

Amway Independent Business Owners may be charged a processing fee of $5.95 for each invoice. Any merchandise returned due to errors or damages upon delivery will not incur a processing fee.

Returning items shipped separately by truck

Items that were shipped separately by truck should not be returned to Amway without prior authorization from Customer Service.

Damaged truck-delivered merchandise
If merchandise is received by truck carrier, and the merchandise (not just the carton) is obviously damaged, the merchandise should be immediately refused by writing “Damaged – Refused” on all the carrier’s delivery papers. Then:

  • Keep a copy of the delivery receipt for your records.
  • Request a replacement and further instruction from Customer Service.
  • Product should be returned with the deliverer.

If the damage is concealed and discovered after opening, keep the shipping container.

How to return products purchased from a Partner Store or Service

Individual Partner Stores handle returns and other inquiries. Amway does not provide any guarantee or warranty on Partner Store products or services. All customer service requests, including disputes, exchanges, refunds, or returns should be directed to the individual Partner Store or Service.

For further assistance, please contact us.