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109867 - Amway Home™ Automatic Dish Tablets

Amway Home™ Automatic Dish Tablets

60 tablets

Item #: 109867

Cleans dishes in a snap

Convenient single-use packs have just the right amount of detergent to get your dishes sparkling clean. Simply toss in a wrapped, water-soluble packet and go. The wrapper dissolves in about 60 seconds.

  • Powered by oxygen and naturally derived cleansers.
  • Leaves dishes free of grease, food, film and spots.
  • Phosphate- and chlorine-free tablets.

Retail Price: $22.00

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  • Summary

The power of oxygen and naturally derived cleansers leave dishes free of grease, food, film and spots, and without harmful chlorine, acids or phosphates that can damage dishes. These tablets give you sparkling dishes without all the work.
  • Biodegradable formula.
  • No phosphates, chlorine or other unpleasant ingredients, so they’re safer for the environment.
Ingredient Name CAS # Common Name/Function
Sodium Sulfate 7757-82-6 Processing Aid
Sodium Citrate 6132-04-3 Organic Water Softener
Sodium Chloride 7647-14-5 Table Salt
Sodium Carbonate 497-19-8 Washing Soda
Sodium Orthosilicate 1344-09-8 Anti-Corrosion Aid
Polyethylene Glycol 25322-68-3 Tabletting Aid
Sodium Carbonate Peroxide 15630-89-4 Oxygen Bleach
Fatty Acid Polyglycol Ether 501019-91-6 Rinse Aid
Microcrystalline Cellulose 9004-34-6 Tabletting Aid
TAED 10543-57-4 Bleach Activator
Carboxymethyl Inulin 430439-54-6 Anti-Redeposition Aid
Sodium Polyacrylate 9003-04-7 Anti-Redeposition Aid
Protease Enzyme 9014-01-1 Enzyme
Amylase Enzyme 9000-90-2 Enzyme
Glycerin 56-81-5 Tabletting Aid
Fragrance Proprietary
See IFRAorg.org
Yellow 5 (CI 19140) 1934-21-0 Yellow Dye
Blue 1 (CI 42090:2) 68921-42-6 Blue Dye

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have there been changes to the formula, color or fragrance?
No, Amway Home™ Automatic Dish Tablets are made with the same great formula.

What is the significance of the layers of colors in each tablet?
The tablet is created in multilayers to visibly portray the diverse benefits of the product. The outer green layer signifies the fact that Amway Home™ Automatic Dish Tablets are environmentally conscious. The white layer represents the strong cleaning performance that Amway Home™ Automatic Dish Tablets have always delivered, and the yellow layer represents the patented film prevention technology found in every Amway Home™ Automatic Dish Tablet that leaves dishes sparkling and drip-free.

Is this product safe for septic systems?
Yes, all Amway Home™ products are septic safe. They won��t cause sludge to form or disrupt the natural bacteria that keep your septic system working.

What is the measurement of the dish tablets?
The dish tablets are 1 3/4 inches long x 1-inch wide x 1/2 inch thick.

Does this product contain any lemon, and can it be used on china dishes?
The powder does not contain any direct lemon extract. However, it is possible that the fragrance (with a formula proprietary to our vendor) has trace amounts of a lemon oil or extract. If present, this trace amount has a very minimal effect on the product pH. The Amway Home™ Automatic Dish Tablets are basic and therefore in that regard would be safe for use.

More Information
Use Instructions:
Dry hands before handling. Do not unwrap the tablet. (The wrap dissolves quickly in water.) Place one tablet in the machine’s dispenser cup. Use only with dishwasher-safe items. Not recommended for fine china, silver or unprotected aluminum.