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Ditto Scheduled Orders

DITTO is a uniquely convenient way to order what you want, when you want it. Using DITTO scheduled orders, you can set up scheduled orders of any AMWAY™ products you would like. It's quick and easy, and your products will be automatically ordered for you on a specific date or week of the month you select.

You can even create separate DITTO orders to serve long-distance needs – think college students or older people who are unable to do their own shopping. And DITTO is very budget-friendly – setting up monthly orders of your needed products lets you see in advance the monthly cost. You can even set up a profile for gift-giving needs that delivers month by month all year long and keeps you to your budget!

DITTO takes the worry out of shopping too. An email is sent to you 10 days in advance of the order processing so you always know what's coming. This email notice also links you to your scheduled order. You have the opportunity then to edit or even cancel ("inactivate") the order. Then, when you are ready to receive orders again, simply "activate" it once again.

All of these unique ways to customize your personal ordering needs – designed to order what you want, when you want it – is exactly why Amway was awarded two online service patents for the concept of DITTO scheduled orders.

Enjoy the convenience of DITTO today!

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