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With Amway, Their World Is the World

Yeong Man and Misun Kang

Yeong and Misun are no strangers to the world of small business. She owned a grocery store in Korea; he owned one stateside. After getting married, they relocated to New Jersey and opened a Korean restaurant.

The business consumed their days and nights. “We were open from 10:30 in the morning to 10 at night,” says Misun. The four walls of the restaurant were their world.

When Yeong Man sustained serious injuries in a car accident in 2000 and could not work for a long time, “I needed something I could do on my own, so I opened a nail salon,” Misun says.

When a friend introduced her to the AMWAY business a few years later, “I didn’t think it was for me,” she admits. Then a funny thing happened. After hearing the presentation of the AMWAY Independent Business Owner Compensation Plan for a second time, Misun suddenly understood and believed that she could build it – with hard work and determination.

Today the Kangs’ world is the world. They enjoy being able to travel, visiting family in Korea and taking their boys (Jeffery and Jason) with them to business conferences. “They love Achievers!” says Yeong Man.

“Anyone with a passion and a willingness to work hard and put forth the effort can succeed at this business,” he says. But it does require some personal changes, he believes. “This really is a people business. In the beginning, I had to work at building relationships. I now feel that my communication skills have improved and my relationships with my family are stronger than ever.”