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Breaking Free

Max Santos

Max Santos lives in Chicago, Illinois. His parents showed him the Amway IBO Compensation Plan while he was working through college. He says, “At first I was skeptical. I hadn’t done anything like it. I tried it, though, hoping it could free me from juggling jobs and school. With all the information and training that were available, my confidence grew. I started taking steps and changing habits. I learned more. Soon, I started believing the freedom was attainable with hard work. Now we are Emeralds!”

Our team promotes balancing the business with our product retailing and sponsoring others to do the same. My wife loves to sell to customers and I focus on presenting the Amway IBO Compensation Plan. We believe that NUTRILITE® Vitamins, Minerals, and Dietary Supplements and ARTISTRY® Skin Care Products are excellent quality products. I focus on the goals of people I meet, not on mine. This is because when you consider what the other person wants and how you can help them get it, your own goals get met! I remember how that fired me up and got me excited about the work that I was doing.”

Max adds, “I think the twenty-somethings are the next generation of Amway independent business owners! When I present them with the business opportunity, they seem to take it from there.”

Max credits his upbringing, too. “My parents taught us to think for ourselves. What I’ve learned is that I feel good about putting others first, caring about what they want, and then, don’t forget them! When I was a kid, I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to do good. This business has fulfilled that dream. We see it all the time as people (like my wife) can retire from their jobs to be there for their kids and families, thanks to the AMWAY™ Business Opportunity. It’s great!”