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For Generations To Come

Kym & Gary Reck

Gary Reck had a successful practice as an eye doctor and wasn’t looking for a new career. Gary laughs, recalling the announcement from his wife Kym that she was starting an Amway™ independent business. “I said to her, ‘So I’m going to start buying our toilet paper online and retire from medicine?’”

“To me it made perfect sense!” responds Kym. “I would be buying all these products anyway. A lot of our friends had families, high incomes, and busy lives. I was interested in giving people more quality in their lives. I knew that I’d get Gary’s attention if I started making money, and so I did.”

Gary noticed. “Initially, I felt this business was out of my comfort zone, but I recognized that this was Plan B – our retirement. It took me a long time to plug in. I’m still a work in progress, but we’re in it together now.”

Kym enjoys focusing on women like herself. “One of my passions has been to help empower women,” she says. “This business is a tremendous vehicle for that … 85% of our business is single people, many of them women.”

Gary’s passion extends to the next generation. “The era of getting a job and having it guaranteed forever is gone,” he says. “It’s exciting to teach young people to take control of their own futures. There are no glass ceilings in the Amway business. We are here to help build self-esteem and success with the next generation.”

“We have found that our success is determined by what we give,” continues Gary. “Our focus goes far beyond our personal goals. We believe corporate America promotes selfishness, and our Amway business focuses on helping others be successful. That’s the environment we want our kids to be around.”