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Take A New Path

Harish & Hira Panth

Harish and Hira Panth were frustrated. Both had earned multiple college degrees they believed would open doors to the life they dreamed of. As a scientific researcher, Harish says, “I was going back to square one all the time in my work. We needed to do something different. We were not familiar with the AMWAY business opportunity, but when we saw it, I knew I could do this.” Hira adds, “I saw great skin care products, and we had always taken good vitamins. With my theater background, selling and sharing the products was easy to me. Since we did not get where we wanted with our degrees, we decided to make our commitment to the business. We made this decision and gave it all we had.”

With their new business, Harish applied the same discipline and persistence he used in his science career. Hira discovered a love for teaching groups and customers. Yet, there were challenges. Says Harish, “We had no idea about time management at all! And, we had to learn how to manage our time differently. We followed the mentoring that our upline recommended and we applied it.”

As they reach and teach others, the path has become clear. Harish reflects, “Now, I have the personal growth and success I wanted. We have time to think things through.” Hira adds, “And so much more family time – enjoying our favorite restaurants, movies, and travel. We want this for others.”

Harish believes, “We give hope. Success comes from a true commitment to each person, and selling and sharing the benefits of the products. We are always here to help you make it. We don’t expect perfect people. Our satisfaction comes from seeing everyone become their best.”