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What’s New


BodyKey™ Better Choices Bundle


New BodyKey™ Meal Replacement Shakes

Start making better choices today. Find your new favorites with samples of all 19 new products.


Rich, delicious shakes satisfy your sweet tooth and hunger while providing you with the protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals your body needs. BodyKey™ shakes—one of four better choices every day.


New BodyKey™ Bars


New BodyKey™ Snacks

Crunchy or chewy. Enjoy your choice of tasty, nutrient-rich BodyKey™ bar options for a convenient meal replacement or snack. BodyKey™ bars—one of four better choices every day.


With single-serving pouches, BodyKey™ snacks are just as convenient as they are tasty. BodyKey™ snacks—one of four better choices every day.