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About Nutrilite

Best of Nature. Best of Science.

When it comes to supplements, Nutrilite® is different – and that’s a good thing. We were using plant ingredients in supplements before anyone else. Today, we’re the only brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on our own certified organic farms.* By doing so, we capture phytonutrients, or nutrients from plants, at their peak.

So, when you take Nutrilite® supplements, you’re getting phytonutrients, which can help fill in for the fruits and vegetables you’re likely not eating enough of every day. Plus, Nutrilite® supplements are guaranteed – give them a try, you’ll see the difference.**


Vitamins & Minerals
Weight Management

Plant-based, safe, effective

Nutrilite® supplements help to fill in the nutritional gaps for men, women and children when daily whole-food diets aren’t enough to maintain a full, active lifestyle.

Unlock a new approach to weight loss.

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