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Personalized Health Supplement Selector

Select your supplements and view your personalized supplement nutrition report on the last step.

Getting Started

Important Notice
You are choosing to create your own personalized supplement regimen. To proceed with creating your packet, talk to your health professional about any health conditions you have and medications you take.
By proceeding with this purchase, I acknowledge that my personalized regimen of supplements is of my choosing and is not the result of any advice or direction from the Nutrilite Health Institute or Amway.
Step 2
: Select Your Supplements

Step 3
: View Your Summary

Did you know?

I don’t know much about NUTRILITE® supplements. Where can I learn more about the supplements available to me and those I will be taking?

You can find out more about features and benefits of NUTRILITE supplements by clicking on the product name. You can get more information about clinical tests, organic farming practices, manufacturing standards, and other Nutrilite information, visit

Are all NUTRILITE supplements available in customized packets?

No. The Personalized Health Program offers a selection of NUTRILITE supplements. If a supplement you want is not available in a packet, you may still order it separately, in its regular bottle, at

Why should the supplements be taken with food?

When you have just eaten, the blood flow to your stomach increases. This improves the absorption of the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients in the supplements you take with your meal.

How many supplements can the customized packets hold?

Each packet can hold up to eight supplements. For your convenience, the customized packets come separated into a.m. and p.m. packets.

What’s the difference between customized packets and bottles?

NUTRILITE supplements in bottles include standardized daily usage recommendations to serve the needs of the average person. But customized packets offer the convenience of the supplements you want, in the dose you prefer, all together in convenient packets.

What happens if someone else, like my child, takes my supplements?

Please consult your doctor immediately or call our Poison Control number 616-787-6307.

Do packets cost more than bottles?

Just a little. In order to create personalized, customized packets just for you, there is a customization fee on each order.