111281 - Classic Laundry Prewash Spray Spot Treatment

Classic Laundry Prewash Spray Spot Treatment

13-oz. can

Item #: 111281

Get rid of tough oil-based stains without scrubbing or soaking.

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  • Summary

Beats Spray 'n Wash® aerosol and Shout® aerosol at removing greasy, oily stains, including butter, lipstick, and salad dressing. Mineral spirits help break up tough oil-based stains, without scrubbing or soaking.
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Use Instructions:
  1. Hold can 6 inches from garment, spray directly on stain.
  2. Let spray penetrate for one minute (no need to rub or scrub).
  3. Launder in usual manner.

Use for loosening stains or spots just before laundering. Stubborn stains may require second treatment. Many stains set with time so better results are obtained by pre-treating and laundering as soon as possible after staining occurs. Avoid spraying on washing machines, dryers or paintwork.