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Clear.now® Skincare System - Acne Treatment Lotion

702143 - Clear.now® Skincare System - Acne Treatment Lotion
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2 fl. oz. (4-week supply)

Item #: 702143

Break the Cycle of Breakouts With Exclusive Technology

The only three-step acne treatment system utilizing patented stabilized sodium chlorite combined with salicylic acid to keep pores clean, clear, and cared for, all with a refreshing citrus cream scent.

  1. Acne Treatment Wash clears pores of oil and debris while gently exfoliating to help skin feel smooth.
  2. Purifying Toner utilizes patented, stabilizes sodium chlorite to reach deep into pores and eliminate “bacteria-friendly ” acne-producing oil.
  3. Acne Treatment Lotion helps treat and rejuvenate the appearance of acne-affected skin with antioxidants and active levels of salicylic acid.

Retail Price: $18.90
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