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Atmosphere® Air Purifier – White

101076 - Atmosphere® Air Purifier – White
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29"H x 15"W x 11"D, 23.2 lbs.

Item #: 101076

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Purify and transform the air you breathe
Less noise, same power. The Atmosphere® Air Purifier has been improved to use less energy and run quieter while maintaining the same power for reducing airborne contaminants.

Three-stage filtration purifies the air:

  1. Washable pre-filter captures the large, airborne fibrous and hair contaminants, which extends the life of the HEPA filter.
  2. Replaceable HEPA filter removes 99.99% of airborne contaminants that pass through it.
  3. Replaceable carbon filter reduces household odors, so your home smells clean and fresh.

Retail Price: $1,770.90
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