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Artistry Hydra-V™ Nourishing Gel Cream

117648 - Artistry Hydra-V™ Nourishing Gel Cream
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2.5 fl. oz.

Item #: 117648

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Deeply hydrates with a water-light feel.

This unique, sheer cream provides up to 24-hour, watery-fresh hydration after one use. It delivers a cool, refreshing feel, making it the year-round, long-lasting go-to moisturizer for soft, smooth skin.

Refresh, Replenish, and Revitalize are the keys to the Artistry Hydra-V™ hydration delivery system. Artistry Hydra-V™ Nourishing Gel Cream refreshes and revitalizes by absorbing quickly to immediately and deeply hydrates skin for up to 24 hours. Skin is soft, smooth, radiant and healthier-looking with a vibrant glow.

Retail Price: $48.00
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