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Amway Home™ Prewash Spray

Legacy of Clean® Prewash Liquid

112958 - Legacy of Clean® Prewash Liquid
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500 mL/16.9 fl. oz.

Item #: 112958

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Removes nature’s stains, naturally
When stains strike, you don’t have to live with them for long. Our Legacy of Clean Laundry Prewash Spot Remover Liquid is great for getting out natural stains the natural way. And it doubles the stain-fighting power of detergent alone. Watch grass, dirt, and food disappear in minutes – like they were never even there.

  • Naturally derived enzymes work hard to remove most stains.
  • Use on protein stains such as blood, grass, dirt, and baby stains.

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Amway Home™ Prewash Spray

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